Welcome to my new website and blog

It’s a new year and a new journey for me. I have been weaving for a few years and enjoy playing with colour, texture and pattern. Tea towels are a quick and easy project to practice and trial these combinations. I have gained knowledge and would like to pass on some ideas. I would also like to feature other artists and crafters  from Victoria. I have decided to start a blog and sell my articles locally. Email me if you are interested in seeing or purchasing my tea towels.


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About kathy

I have been weaving for a few years and would like to share my projects and perhaps create interest in weaving. I live in Victoria and have joined the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild. I have 2 floor looms(both Leclerc), one called Mira a smaller counterbalance loom and a larger Artisat that is a jack loom.
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